Friday, February 12, 2010

1st Stop Haiti

Flightschool: The Haiti Project

We understand that the disaster in Haiti is not just Haiti's problem, rather its the worlds problem. This country needs our support. There are orphan children, millions of people who need homes, and a country that needs rebuilding.  In order to rebuild, it takes unity. The Haitians have a motto:"L'union fait la force, or "Unity is our strength." This is one of the principles that our brand has been built upon. This tragedy has inspired us to use our creativity and our influence to help strengthen this courageous nation. 10% of all flightschool T-shirts sold under the flightschool haiti relief project will go to yele and red cross, plus you will also receive an exclusive scoob-doo mixtape with every purchase. For every two t-shirts sold we donate one flightschool t-shirt and Flightschool is also giving away 1,000 childrens t-shirts in which we will hand deliver ourselves!!

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