Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fabolous spotted wearing Search+Rescue...

Recording artist Fabolous aka Loso has been spotted by MediaTakeout.com wearing his Search+Rescue Survival shorts.  Local support at it’s finest!  Harlem Haberdashery, an up and coming custom lifestyle boutique in Harlem, NYC was the launchpad for this fly look.  We appreciate the love and support.  Talent recognizes Talent! #search+Rescue #supportthelocals

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coach me.

Girls can fit our smaller sizes. #goodcoaching #flightschool #flygurls

We wear Aprons!

Ken Money and @coachgaines are Ready to do work. Peep the reworked aprons: #searchandrescue

The Coach x The Scientist

@coachgaines and The Scientist of @colaborativelab at the ArtumnalEquinox event. These guys are "real" characters.

Monday, March 5, 2012

FlightSchool x Search and Rescue

We're doing this one for the people. Coming soon! #searchandrescue #Flightschool

Saturday, March 3, 2012

We Open!

Made Down North installation in SneakerVilla. K&A

The Coach

Inside Search and Rescue Headquarters.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Love Uptown

Classic I love Uptown V.
available on FlightSchool Trade

Made Down North....

The Made Down North hoodie.  This pull over hoodie will be available in all of the SneakerVillas
in North Philly as well as our online store by the end of this month.


Kings Rule Together Inspire crew neck.  Taking this picture was an honor and a pleasure.
We were at the airport waiting for our return flight to Philadelphia from Las vegas. Curran gave me this sweatshirt after the Project tradeshow, and I wore it the very next day.  What made this picture such an honor, was the fact that Curran gave it to me (after some big bro hassle) and he was the one who took the picture.  #KRT is more than just another hot t-shirt line, it's a Philosophy we're striving to incorporate into our lives. Kings ruling together also means eating together, praying together, working together, and sharing with each other.  -CoachGaines 

Introducing Airman.

Meet Airman.  Here's our latest FlightSchool Character, completing a 3 character series.
Airman was inspired by the Tuskeegee Airmen, long before the movie RedTails.  This character is a hybrid between Launchpad Mcquack (Ducktails) and an older version of Marty McFly.  This character reminds me to not take myself so serious, while paying homage to the real pilots who sacrificed their lives for freedom and equality.
#airman #flightschool #goodcoaching

FlightSchool graphic art.

FlightSchool will be releasing designs on the blog before they go to print.  We have an appreciation for graphic art wether its on a t-shirt or not.  Please feel free to share.  The designs that receive the most views will be transferred to posters and offered on FlightSchool Trade.  -CoachGaines

FlightSchool Re-launch Post.

The blog continues by relaunching the online line store (FlightSchool Trade).  It has been a while since our last post and we ask that you excuse the lack of Flightschool content.  We needed time to morn our brother, the Pilot, Black Donald Trump (may god have mercy).  The online store will consist of brands that we develop at BrandCamp, including the relaunch of  The FlightSchool brand.  Stay Tuned!